More Photos of the 2016 Keelung International Marine Environmental Art Project

It is now the last week of the 25 days of the residency in Keelung for the 7 international artists, and they are hard at work in the hot sun! Here you can see some photos of the progress on the large outdoor sculpture installations.



Ester Fabregat of Spain is making seven “Keelung Air Swimmers” and now finishing number 7! She will be putting in 7 holes to install the “swimmers” on tall bamboo poles this week.

Ester 已經完成製作七個“飛天泳士”了!接下來她將要前往基地,豎立起這些巨型的飛天泳士們~

ester and volunteer IMG_3657 Ester working IMG_4470


Patrick Demazeau of France is working now on Broom #14 of the 15 he is creating for his installation “A Good Blow of Brush to Clean the Ocean”.


Patrick IMG_3700 patrick and broom 14 IMG_4547 Patrick IMG_4488


Piotr Wesolowski of Poland has just completed tying all the bamboo poles together with natural rope.  The next step for his artwork titled “Inside/Outside is to add the recycled fishing net on the inside of the tall bamboo structure.


Piotr IMG_3675 Piotr volunteer close IMG_3679 Piotr volunteer IMG_3677


Regine Neumann of Germany is working hard now with lots of volunteer help to finish here large “iceberg”.  She is making this work of bamboo poles joined with bamboo nails and natural rope, and she plans to cover the huge structure with recycled white fabric to give the appearance of a giant iceberg on the coast in Keelung, Taiwan.


Regine IMG_3648 Regine IMG_3693 Regine showing making bamboo nails IMG_3654 Regine IMG_3693 Mr. Zhone helps Regine IMG_4506


Tsuneo Sekiguchi of Japan is now working outdoors at his site in Chaojing Park to complete his “Keelung Rainbow Hut”.  He dug out around the bottom half of his globe-like bamboo structure so it will sit into the earth.  Volunteers are helping to weave the remaining parts of the top half. Tsuneo will put bamboo poles into the ground next week to anchor the artwork.  Then he will put the bamboo structure together, cut out an opening and finish up his installation with a bamboo seat inside the hut and a small pond with mirrors on it to make the rainbows on the inside walls of the hut.


Tsuneo and volunteer working inside IMG_4538 tsuneo and volunteers IMG_4481 Tsuneo digging IMG_4477 tsuneo volunteers IMG_4475 Tsuneo working IMG_4473


Yi-shiuan Li of Taiwan is working on her installation “Sea Creature Gods” and has moved the 5 “creatures” outside to install them in the grass near the railroad station at the NMMST.  She has also started to prepare the earth/clay to put on the outside of the bamboo and recycled net structures.


Yi-shiuan earth ready to put on IMG_4531 Yi-shiuan putting in first creature IMG_4529 Yi-shiuan sifting earth IMG_4467 Yi-shuian putting in closer IMG_4532


Keep watching this Blog to see the final photos of the installations.  The opening ceremony and tour of the artworks will be Sunday, June 5.  See the Museum’s website for more information at

This art project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen, and the photos on this blog are by Timothy S. Allen (



策展人Curator: Jane Ingram Allen

攝影 Photographer: Timothy S. Allen (





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