Keelung 2016 Artists Hard at Work to Finish Works for Opening on June 5

The 2016 Keelung International Marine Environmental Art Project are hard at work now to get all artworks finished for the opening on Sunday, June 5. There will be an all day ocean festival and opening ceremony at 1PM with a parade and new boat launching followed by art tours around to view all the sculpture installations. Each artist will make a brief introduction to their artwork at their site on the Sunday “art tours”.

Here are some photos to show the artists at work and how the artworks are all looking this week. It has been great to have all the volunteers helping the artists.




Ester Fabregat – Spain,  “Keelung Air Swimmers”

西班牙藝術家 Ester Fabregat – 飛天泳士

IMG_3151 IMG_3028


Patrick Demazeau – France, “A Good Blow of Brush to Clean the Ocean”

法國藝術家 Patrick Demazeau-掃把救星

IMG_3623 IMG_3613


Regine Neumann – Germany, “Just the Tip of the Iceberg”

德國藝術家 Regine Neumann-冰山一角

IMG_3628  IMG_3408


Tsuneo Sekiguchi – Japan, “Keelung Rainbow Hut”

日本藝術家 関口恒男-彩虹球屋

IMG_3446 IMG_3635-2


Steve McPherson – UK, “Markers”

英國藝術家 Steve McPherson-標識物 們

IMG_3541 IMG_3230


Yi-shiuan Li – Taiwan, “Sea Creature Gods”

台灣藝術家 李怡宣-海中之靈

IMG_3293 IMG_3533


Piotr Wesolowski – Poland, “Inside/Outside”

波蘭藝術家 Piotr Wesolowski -內外之境

IMG_3391 IMG_3381

Keep checking this Blog to see the finished artworks soon!  The curator for this environmental art project about the future of the oceans is Jane Ingram Allen.  Hope everyone will come to meet the artists and attend the opening celebration on Sunday, June 5 at the NMMST in Keelung, Taiwan.

Photos on this Blog are by Timothy S. Allen (



策展人Curator: Jane Ingram Allen

攝影 Photographer: Timothy S. Allen (


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