Keelung Artworks Growing!

The 2016 Keelung International Marine Environmental Art Project artists are hard at work creating their outdoor sculpture installations at the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology, Keelung, Taiwan.
The photos here show the progress each artist is making.



Ester Fabregas of Spain is making an installation titled “Keelung Air Swimmers” and she is making 7 large swimming figures from recycled plastic bags that will be suspended from tall bamboo poles in Chaojing Park at the NMMST.  Take a look at this video Ester made showing her “Keelung Air Swimmers” in progress:


Ester pressing plastic bags IMG_2502 ester first pole goes up IMG_2417  Ester first swimmer on table IMG_2396  Ester working on plastic bags IMG_2498Ester with first swimmer on table


Patrick Demazeau of France is creating “A good blow of brush to clean the ocean” and he is putting in 15 large brooms made of bamboo at his Eco-Park site at the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology in Keelung.  These photos show his progress:


patrick brooms with one bottom IMG_2607 patrick little volunteer taking off leaves IMG_2770 patrick making broom bottom IMG_2774 patrick volunteers remove bamboo leaves IMG_2766patrick and one broom IMG_2555 patrick and volunteer take leaves off bamboo branches IMG_2586


Piotr Wesolowski of Poland is making his sculpture installation titled Horizon and using many bamboo sticks tied together with natural rope.  His work is sited in the museum courtyard near the IMAX theater building.  Here you can see how his structure is getting bigger and taller!  Many volunteers are helping to clean some recycled fishing nets to use inside this structure that people will be able to enter.

從波蘭來的藝術家Piotr也以竹子進行創作,並輔以麻繩綑綁。他的作品就位於海洋劇場旁,在這裡你可以看到他的作品正在”長大”。另一邊,更有許多志工正在為他整理回收的流刺網,Piotr 最後會將這些流刺網編織於主體內部。作品是以互動形式呈現,觀者最後可以進入空間內感受這個創作!

piotr on ladder close IMG_2581 piotr on ladder working IMG_2579 piotr volunteers clean net IMG_2584 piotr volunteers cleaning net IMG_2544 piotr up close IMG_2843


Steve McPherson of England is making an installation titled “Markers” and it consists of 46 flags based on typical fishermen’s flags that he is sewing from recycled fabric such as old T-shirts and other clothing collected in Keelung.  Volunteers are helping to write words and numbers in Chinese on the 46 flags, and each flag represents 1000 pieces of plastic that are floating in the world’s oceans.  Steve’s artwork reminds us to take care about plastic waste in the oceans – it is estimated that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic waste now per square mile in the world’s oceans.  Here you can see Steve working on the installation:

英國的Steve著手在46個”標識物  們”,每一個標誌旗都代表著1000頓海洋中的塑膠垃圾。這些標誌旗皆由回收布料製成,由志工們協助他寫上中文字。一起看看他的創作過程:

steve making flags IMG_2543 steve putting in bamboo stick for flag IMG_2743 Steve sewing IMG_2372 steve's flags in stack IMG_2495


Tsuneo Sekiguchi from Japan is creating Keelung Rainbow Hut and using bamboo tied with natural rope to make a hut that people can enter and sit down to see rainbows created on the walls.  He is making the hut inside the Chaojing Ocean Center workspace and will move it out to install soon in Chaojing Park.  Volunteers are also helping Tsuneo to build his artwork.  Here are some photos to see the progress on the Keelung Rainbow Hut.


Tsuneo working closer IMG_2333  Tsuneo and Jane discuss his work IMG_2566 tsuneo working on hut IMG_2592tsuneo artwork in building IMG_2702 tsuneo volunteer working IMG_2710


Regine Neumann of Germany is making a large sculpture installations title “Just the Tip of the Iceberg”.  You can see the outline now of the huge iceberg shape emerging from the grassy area near the ocean at EcoPark at the NMMST.  Here are some photos to show Regine’s work in progress:


regine on ladderIMG_2801 regine with more poles up IMG_2786  regine at site with first poles up IMG_2589 regine first poles up IMG_2500 regine and crew putting in 2nd poles IMG_2471 regine and crew putting in first poles IMG_2472 regine and crew raising poles IMG_2469

Yi-chiuan Li of Taiwan is creating “Sea Creature Gods” and working under the cover of a building near her site.  She will install the sculptures next week on a grassy area near the NMMST Railway Station.  She is building five sea creature gods using bamboo, recycled net, natural rope and long grass.  Over the weekend members of her family came to help!  Yi-chiuan will cover the bamboo, netting and grass structures with earth/stucco.  Here you can see Yi-chiuan’s work in progress:


Yishuain putting bamboo into work IMG_2335 yishuian family came to help IMG_2487 yi-chuain tying net close IMG_2570 yi-shuian volunteers with one creature yishuian volunteer putting grass IMG_2572

Keep watching this Blog to see how each of the artworks turns out!  The artists will be finished by the end of the day June 3.  We will have a symposium about environmental art in Taiwan on June 4, and the artists and curator Jane Ingram Allen will all make presentations plus we will have other speakers from Taiwan who are also doing environmental art projects and a discussion about the future of environmental art in Taiwan.  Check the Museum’s website at for more information about the June 4 symposium.

The opening ceremony and public tours of the art project will be on Sunday June 5.  Everyone is invited to come meet the artists and see the finished artworks the day. The artworks will remain on view around the NMMST through the end of August 2016 or longer.

The photos on this Blog are by Timothy S. Allen (




策展人Curator: Jane Ingram Allen

攝影 Photographer: Timothy S. Allen (


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