Press Conference, Welcome Lunch and Tour of Musuem for 2016 Keelung International Marine Environment Artists

On Saturday, May 14, the 2016 Keelung artists were presented at a press conference and curator Jane Ingram Allen introduced the artworks they will be creating during the next few weeks. All the artworks should be finished by the opening day of June 5. The artists selected for the Keelung 2016 art project are: Ester Fabregas of Spain, Tsuneo Sekiguchi of Japan, Patrick Demazeau of France, Piotr Wesolowski of Poland, Regine Neumann of Germany, Steve McPherson of UK and Yi-shiuan Li of Taiwan.
Here are some photos of the press conference the welcome lunch and the tour of the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology in Keelung. The artists will be starting to work tomorrow on their large outdoor sculpture installations. Keep watching this Blog to see the artworks being created and daily updates on the progress. The photos here are by Timothy S. Allen (




artists and curator at press conference IMG_0794 artists and vips at press conference IMG_0764 VIPs at press conference IMG_0706 Regine at press conference IMG_0687

lunch after press conference IMG_0841

Ester and friend eat squid ice cream IMG_0849

artists at marine science gallery IMG_0999 artists tour the museum IMG_0628 touring the museum IMG_1021


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