More Hello Messages from 2016 Keelung Artists

The 7 international artists selected for the 016 Keelung International Marine Environmental Art Project will arrive in Keelung, Taiwan, on May 12. They will stay in Keelung through June 6 at the NMMST to create site-specific environmental sculpture installations on the theme “Envisioning the Future of Our Oceans”.

Before the artists arrive in Keelung they have all sent “Hello” messages to the Keelung community. The last Blog post had messages from Jane Ingram Allen, Curator and artists Regine Neumann, Steve McPherson and Tsuneo Sekiguchi.

Here are the hello messages from the other selected artists for 2016:

Li Yi-shiuan from Taiwan
Hello! I’m the selected local artist from Taipei city. Originally, I wasn’t working on artworks, and then I found my great interest in painting, so got into art school. Now I graduated and got to fulfill my dream of creating artworks. I’m also a green person, so I’m so excited about having this opportunity to be an art resident in Keelung. I’m always thinking of how to connect my artworks with our environment. Now it’s time to put the idea into practice. Wish you can learn something from my work.
Best regards,
Yi Shiuan
Here’s a photo from my studio


Here is a “hello” message from Ester Fabregat of Spain:
My name is Ester Fabregat, I was born in Tarragona, in Catalonia, on the north east of the Peninsula Iberica, behind the western coast of Mediterranean sea. My origins deeply come from the heritage of the Mediterranean culture, and all the cultural mixing during millennia. We like the life outside, easygoing, eating, sharing with friends. I am a sculptor, and also an art teacher. I have travelled and lived all around Europe; it is quite small if we compared with other countries. Also the mobility it’s easy, and my friends are a second family for me. I share with them a deep passion, cooking and eating. I love “slow food”; for some time we have organized a “tapas” competition between us. We do meetings into different houses each time, and everyone prepares something tasty and special with a poetic funny name, each one presents and serves his original “tapa” to the others and finally we do a voting process to know who gets the crown of the best “tapa”. You can see that on the blog:
Another thing that is important for me is music, I used to play piano and trumpet, but nowadays I am singing in a gospel choir and I am enjoying it very much. It’s healing the spirit every time we all sing together. Also I do sports, well, not running, but walking and walking inside mountains, and different paths. Nature is a fountain of inspiration all the time. Also, I love to swim on the sea, looking for the underwater life. I have my family in Valls; my sister continues with the toy shop of my family, and sometimes I collaborate with her doing the sculptures for the designing of new toys for children. And then when I see the children playing with a toy that I have designed, it’s really nice. I have lived in different places in Europe. My second home in Europe is Athens and Berlin; in both places I have good friends, like a second family there. And from time to time I go back to visit them, and of course we enjoy eating and talking all the time.
Lets talk about my artistic work. I do it with the intention of adding a different view to the society. Sometimes to make us more conscious for our environment, other times communications of feelings, emotions, but not with words, with a kind of scenography, installations, to permit the spectators to penetrate inside different places to understand reality, a place to feel, and to breathe inside imaginary worlds.
I send to you some different photos:
One of our tapas competitions with my friends (el Masnou, near Barcelona)

.One of our tapas competitions with my friends_el Masnou_near Barcelona
With a fantastic bike who grows into the wild from a Danish friend in Berlin

With a fantastic bike who grows into the wild from a Danish friend in Berlin
With my friends at the summit of Pedraforca Mountain (in Catalonia)

.With my friends at the summit of Pedraforca Mountain_in Catalonia
You can see my work online here:
See you soon in Keelung,

西班牙藝術家 Ester Fabregat:

我叫Ester Fabregat,我出生於位於加泰隆尼亞的塔拉戈納。塔拉戈納位於伊比利半島的東北角,接臨地中海。我深受地中海地區文化以及千禧世代的各種文化觀點所影響。我是一個雕塑家,也是一個藝術教育工作者。我旅居雅典與柏林,因為歐洲大陸比起其他大陸小,遷徙並不困難。在我們那個地區,大家都喜歡愜意的生活步調,與朋友一同外出、一起享用美食。朋友對我而言如同家人一樣,我總是跟他們分享我的喜好,一起做菜一起吃飯。我非常喜歡「慢食」這個飲食概念,有時候我們舉辦「西班牙小吃」的比賽。除了食物以外,音樂對我而言也非常重要,我彈鋼琴、吹喇叭還有加入福音合唱團。我也喜歡健行。






Here is the “hello” from artist Patrick Demazeau of France:

Hello People of Keelung,

My name is Patrick Demazeau and my artist name is MADE. I am one of the artists who has been selected to come perform work on your city of Taiwan. I prepare for this meeting by reading books on the history and culture of Taiwan. This is my first visit and I will discover your country, your culture and people. I traveled a lot in Asia (Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia and Korea). This year, I am particularly lucky for being selected by the beautiful Keelung museum and in August by the Biennale of Gongju in South Korea. My house, my studio is located in the suburbs of Paris. My garden allows me to prepare Art Nature facilities and test them before offering them.
In general, I love working on conceptual works that evoke the problems of our Earth. I also try through these works to bring the human near nature with humor and poetry.
You can look at my blog at to see more about my artwork. I like to play with nature and share with it a lot of sensibility.

This is the entrance to my house and within my latest creation: A fish made with coat hanger hung at the entrance of my living room. Maybe I thought about Keelung oceanographic museum in the making?

IMG_20160428_124809-1      IMG_20160428_125343


法國藝術家 Patrick Demazeau:


我叫Patrick Demazeau,我有一個藝名叫做MADE,是這次被選上來到基隆創作的藝術家。我曾經在亞洲各地旅行,越南、中國、寮國、柬埔寨跟韓國,但是此次台灣之行將會是我第一次來到台灣,為了要更了解台灣,我讀了一些關於台灣文化與歷史的書。今年,我很幸運地被選為「潮藝術」以及韓國「光州雙年展」的創作藝術家。





The other artist selected for the 2016 Keelung art project is Piotr Wesolowski from Poland. Piotr has been at another art project and away from his computer for several weeks, so we do not have a “hello” message from him yet! He is very excited to be coming to Keelung for this art project as it is also his first time to visit Taiwan. I will post Piotr’s hello message later.

Keep watching this Blog to see the artists arriving and starting to work in Keelung. I will try to get a Blog post up every few days to show the progress on the artworks. The opening of the 2016 Keelung art project will be on June 4 with a symposium that day about International Environmental Art, and then on Sunday June 5 we have a public opening and activities with the artists. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in Keelung on May 12!
Best wishes,
Jane Ingram Allen, Curator


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