Opening of 2016 Keelung International Marine Environmental Art Project

The 2016 Keelung International Marien Environmental Art Project opens today, June 5, at 1PM at the Keelung, Taiwan, National Museum of Marine Science & Technology.
The 7 international artists have done a great job this year to create very large outdoor sculpture installations on the theme of “Envisioning the Future of Our Oceans”.

Here are photos of the final finished artworks:



Ester Fabregat, Spain, “Keelung Air Swimmers”

西班牙藝術家Ester Fabregat-飛天泳士

Ester final IMG_5752-Edit1


Tsuneo Sekiguchi, Japan, “Keelung Rainbow Hut”


Tsuneio final IMG_5788-Edit1


Patrick Demazeau, France, “A Good Blow of Brush to Clean the Ocean”

法國藝術家Patrick Demazeau-掃把救星

Patrick final IMG_5527-Pano-Edit-21


Regine Neumann, Germany, “Just the Tip of the Iceberg”

德國藝術家Regine Neumann-冰山一角

Regine final 1 IMG_5674-Edit-22


Yi-shuian Li, Taiwan, “Sea Creature Gods”


Yi-shiuan final 1 IMG_5743-Edit2


Piotr Wesolowski, Poland, “Inside/Outside”

波蘭藝術家Piotr Wesolowski-內外之境

Piotr final IMG_5733-Edit1


Steve McPherson, UK/England, “Banners”

英國藝術家Steve McPherson-標識物 們

Steve final all IMG_5555-Pano1


These artworks made with natural and recycled materials will remain on view until 8/31/2016, around the NMMST in Keelung, and many will stay longer to be enjoyed by visitors to the Keelung/Badouzi area in northeastern Taiwan.



The art project was curated by Jane Ingram Allen ( who is an American curator, artist and art writer living in Taiwan from 2004-2012, after coming there as a Fulbright Scholar artist in residence.

The photos on this Blog are by Timothy S. Allen (

A big thank you to the artists and the staff at the NMMST and all the wonderful volunteers and people of Keelung. Thank you also to the Keelung City Bureau of Cultural Affairs for co-sponsoring this year’s marine environmental art project.


策展人Curator: Jane Ingram Allen (

攝影 Photographer: Timothy S. Allen (

More Photos of the 2016 Keelung International Marine Environmental Art Project

It is now the last week of the 25 days of the residency in Keelung for the 7 international artists, and they are hard at work in the hot sun! Here you can see some photos of the progress on the large outdoor sculpture installations.



Ester Fabregat of Spain is making seven “Keelung Air Swimmers” and now finishing number 7! She will be putting in 7 holes to install the “swimmers” on tall bamboo poles this week.

Ester 已經完成製作七個“飛天泳士”了!接下來她將要前往基地,豎立起這些巨型的飛天泳士們~

ester and volunteer IMG_3657 Ester working IMG_4470


Patrick Demazeau of France is working now on Broom #14 of the 15 he is creating for his installation “A Good Blow of Brush to Clean the Ocean”.


Patrick IMG_3700 patrick and broom 14 IMG_4547 Patrick IMG_4488


Piotr Wesolowski of Poland has just completed tying all the bamboo poles together with natural rope.  The next step for his artwork titled “Inside/Outside is to add the recycled fishing net on the inside of the tall bamboo structure.


Piotr IMG_3675 Piotr volunteer close IMG_3679 Piotr volunteer IMG_3677


Regine Neumann of Germany is working hard now with lots of volunteer help to finish here large “iceberg”.  She is making this work of bamboo poles joined with bamboo nails and natural rope, and she plans to cover the huge structure with recycled white fabric to give the appearance of a giant iceberg on the coast in Keelung, Taiwan.


Regine IMG_3648 Regine IMG_3693 Regine showing making bamboo nails IMG_3654 Regine IMG_3693 Mr. Zhone helps Regine IMG_4506


Tsuneo Sekiguchi of Japan is now working outdoors at his site in Chaojing Park to complete his “Keelung Rainbow Hut”.  He dug out around the bottom half of his globe-like bamboo structure so it will sit into the earth.  Volunteers are helping to weave the remaining parts of the top half. Tsuneo will put bamboo poles into the ground next week to anchor the artwork.  Then he will put the bamboo structure together, cut out an opening and finish up his installation with a bamboo seat inside the hut and a small pond with mirrors on it to make the rainbows on the inside walls of the hut.


Tsuneo and volunteer working inside IMG_4538 tsuneo and volunteers IMG_4481 Tsuneo digging IMG_4477 tsuneo volunteers IMG_4475 Tsuneo working IMG_4473


Yi-shiuan Li of Taiwan is working on her installation “Sea Creature Gods” and has moved the 5 “creatures” outside to install them in the grass near the railroad station at the NMMST.  She has also started to prepare the earth/clay to put on the outside of the bamboo and recycled net structures.


Yi-shiuan earth ready to put on IMG_4531 Yi-shiuan putting in first creature IMG_4529 Yi-shiuan sifting earth IMG_4467 Yi-shuian putting in closer IMG_4532


Keep watching this Blog to see the final photos of the installations.  The opening ceremony and tour of the artworks will be Sunday, June 5.  See the Museum’s website for more information at

This art project is curated by Jane Ingram Allen, and the photos on this blog are by Timothy S. Allen (



策展人Curator: Jane Ingram Allen

攝影 Photographer: Timothy S. Allen (




Keelung 2016 Artists Hard at Work to Finish Works for Opening on June 5

The 2016 Keelung International Marine Environmental Art Project are hard at work now to get all artworks finished for the opening on Sunday, June 5. There will be an all day ocean festival and opening ceremony at 1PM with a parade and new boat launching followed by art tours around to view all the sculpture installations. Each artist will make a brief introduction to their artwork at their site on the Sunday “art tours”.

Here are some photos to show the artists at work and how the artworks are all looking this week. It has been great to have all the volunteers helping the artists.




Ester Fabregat – Spain,  “Keelung Air Swimmers”

西班牙藝術家 Ester Fabregat – 飛天泳士

IMG_3151 IMG_3028


Patrick Demazeau – France, “A Good Blow of Brush to Clean the Ocean”

法國藝術家 Patrick Demazeau-掃把救星

IMG_3623 IMG_3613


Regine Neumann – Germany, “Just the Tip of the Iceberg”

德國藝術家 Regine Neumann-冰山一角

IMG_3628  IMG_3408


Tsuneo Sekiguchi – Japan, “Keelung Rainbow Hut”

日本藝術家 関口恒男-彩虹球屋

IMG_3446 IMG_3635-2


Steve McPherson – UK, “Markers”

英國藝術家 Steve McPherson-標識物 們

IMG_3541 IMG_3230


Yi-shiuan Li – Taiwan, “Sea Creature Gods”

台灣藝術家 李怡宣-海中之靈

IMG_3293 IMG_3533


Piotr Wesolowski – Poland, “Inside/Outside”

波蘭藝術家 Piotr Wesolowski -內外之境

IMG_3391 IMG_3381

Keep checking this Blog to see the finished artworks soon!  The curator for this environmental art project about the future of the oceans is Jane Ingram Allen.  Hope everyone will come to meet the artists and attend the opening celebration on Sunday, June 5 at the NMMST in Keelung, Taiwan.

Photos on this Blog are by Timothy S. Allen (



策展人Curator: Jane Ingram Allen

攝影 Photographer: Timothy S. Allen (

Keelung Artworks Growing!

The 2016 Keelung International Marine Environmental Art Project artists are hard at work creating their outdoor sculpture installations at the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology, Keelung, Taiwan.
The photos here show the progress each artist is making.



Ester Fabregas of Spain is making an installation titled “Keelung Air Swimmers” and she is making 7 large swimming figures from recycled plastic bags that will be suspended from tall bamboo poles in Chaojing Park at the NMMST.  Take a look at this video Ester made showing her “Keelung Air Swimmers” in progress:


Ester pressing plastic bags IMG_2502 ester first pole goes up IMG_2417  Ester first swimmer on table IMG_2396  Ester working on plastic bags IMG_2498Ester with first swimmer on table


Patrick Demazeau of France is creating “A good blow of brush to clean the ocean” and he is putting in 15 large brooms made of bamboo at his Eco-Park site at the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology in Keelung.  These photos show his progress:


patrick brooms with one bottom IMG_2607 patrick little volunteer taking off leaves IMG_2770 patrick making broom bottom IMG_2774 patrick volunteers remove bamboo leaves IMG_2766patrick and one broom IMG_2555 patrick and volunteer take leaves off bamboo branches IMG_2586


Piotr Wesolowski of Poland is making his sculpture installation titled Horizon and using many bamboo sticks tied together with natural rope.  His work is sited in the museum courtyard near the IMAX theater building.  Here you can see how his structure is getting bigger and taller!  Many volunteers are helping to clean some recycled fishing nets to use inside this structure that people will be able to enter.

從波蘭來的藝術家Piotr也以竹子進行創作,並輔以麻繩綑綁。他的作品就位於海洋劇場旁,在這裡你可以看到他的作品正在”長大”。另一邊,更有許多志工正在為他整理回收的流刺網,Piotr 最後會將這些流刺網編織於主體內部。作品是以互動形式呈現,觀者最後可以進入空間內感受這個創作!

piotr on ladder close IMG_2581 piotr on ladder working IMG_2579 piotr volunteers clean net IMG_2584 piotr volunteers cleaning net IMG_2544 piotr up close IMG_2843


Steve McPherson of England is making an installation titled “Markers” and it consists of 46 flags based on typical fishermen’s flags that he is sewing from recycled fabric such as old T-shirts and other clothing collected in Keelung.  Volunteers are helping to write words and numbers in Chinese on the 46 flags, and each flag represents 1000 pieces of plastic that are floating in the world’s oceans.  Steve’s artwork reminds us to take care about plastic waste in the oceans – it is estimated that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic waste now per square mile in the world’s oceans.  Here you can see Steve working on the installation:

英國的Steve著手在46個”標識物  們”,每一個標誌旗都代表著1000頓海洋中的塑膠垃圾。這些標誌旗皆由回收布料製成,由志工們協助他寫上中文字。一起看看他的創作過程:

steve making flags IMG_2543 steve putting in bamboo stick for flag IMG_2743 Steve sewing IMG_2372 steve's flags in stack IMG_2495


Tsuneo Sekiguchi from Japan is creating Keelung Rainbow Hut and using bamboo tied with natural rope to make a hut that people can enter and sit down to see rainbows created on the walls.  He is making the hut inside the Chaojing Ocean Center workspace and will move it out to install soon in Chaojing Park.  Volunteers are also helping Tsuneo to build his artwork.  Here are some photos to see the progress on the Keelung Rainbow Hut.


Tsuneo working closer IMG_2333  Tsuneo and Jane discuss his work IMG_2566 tsuneo working on hut IMG_2592tsuneo artwork in building IMG_2702 tsuneo volunteer working IMG_2710


Regine Neumann of Germany is making a large sculpture installations title “Just the Tip of the Iceberg”.  You can see the outline now of the huge iceberg shape emerging from the grassy area near the ocean at EcoPark at the NMMST.  Here are some photos to show Regine’s work in progress:


regine on ladderIMG_2801 regine with more poles up IMG_2786  regine at site with first poles up IMG_2589 regine first poles up IMG_2500 regine and crew putting in 2nd poles IMG_2471 regine and crew putting in first poles IMG_2472 regine and crew raising poles IMG_2469

Yi-chiuan Li of Taiwan is creating “Sea Creature Gods” and working under the cover of a building near her site.  She will install the sculptures next week on a grassy area near the NMMST Railway Station.  She is building five sea creature gods using bamboo, recycled net, natural rope and long grass.  Over the weekend members of her family came to help!  Yi-chiuan will cover the bamboo, netting and grass structures with earth/stucco.  Here you can see Yi-chiuan’s work in progress:


Yishuain putting bamboo into work IMG_2335 yishuian family came to help IMG_2487 yi-chuain tying net close IMG_2570 yi-shuian volunteers with one creature yishuian volunteer putting grass IMG_2572

Keep watching this Blog to see how each of the artworks turns out!  The artists will be finished by the end of the day June 3.  We will have a symposium about environmental art in Taiwan on June 4, and the artists and curator Jane Ingram Allen will all make presentations plus we will have other speakers from Taiwan who are also doing environmental art projects and a discussion about the future of environmental art in Taiwan.  Check the Museum’s website at for more information about the June 4 symposium.

The opening ceremony and public tours of the art project will be on Sunday June 5.  Everyone is invited to come meet the artists and see the finished artworks the day. The artworks will remain on view around the NMMST through the end of August 2016 or longer.

The photos on this Blog are by Timothy S. Allen (




策展人Curator: Jane Ingram Allen

攝影 Photographer: Timothy S. Allen (

2016 Keelung artists start their sculpture installations at the NMMST

It has been raining a lot in Keelung, Taiwan, but the artists are all starting to work on their outdoor sculpture installations around the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology.  The 7 selected international artists for the 2016 project (Envisioning the Future of Our Oceans) are all working hard now, and many volunteers are coming to help them.  We have also had some visits from students in Badouri Elementary School and other nearby schools.  We also had a group of art teachers visit the art project.  It is great that more local people are hearing about the art project and coming to visit and help out the artists.

We also had a vist from a bamboo master who has a shop and bamboo store in a nearby city.  The bamboo master came to demonstrate some bamboo working techniques for the artists.



bamboo master splitting bamboo IMG_1478    bamboo master bending bamboo with fire IMG_1525    bamboo master with artists IMG_1551

Below are some photos of the seven 2016 artists beginning their artworks.

Ester Fabregat – Spain is creating “Keelung Air Swimmers” using recycled plastic bags.  She is cutting and sewing and putting the large swimming figures together and will “fly” them from tall bamboo poles in the Caoching Park area at the NMMST.  Ester’s colors are very bright and will be exciting to see blowing in the wind near the ocean at the NMMST.

西班牙藝術家 Ester Fabregat 正在使用回收塑膠袋來創作她的作品-“飛天泳士”。Ester正在裁剪、縫紉這些色彩鮮明的回收塑膠袋,這些塑膠袋最後會蛻變成游泳的人形飛揚在空中。到時候作品將會豎立於潮境公園的草坪上,請大家一起來觀賞!

ester with students IMG_1625ester IMG_1751 Ester IMG_1762 ester IMG_1812

Tsuneo Sekiguchi – Japan is creating “Keelung Rainbow Hut” that will be a round structure of bamboo that people can enter and sit and watch rainbows appearing on the walls of the hut.  He is starting to make several large circles of bamboo and then will join it all together to make the hut.  His work will be in Caoching Park also sited near a small pond of water.

日本藝術家 関口恒男正在創作他的“彩虹球屋”。“彩虹球屋”將會由竹子編製成,藝術家用意是讓觀賞者可以進入空間內,坐看由鏡子折射出的彩虹。関口先生目前已經架構出了球屋的圓形結構了,屆時請大家到潮境公園的水池旁觀賞他的作品。

tsuneo at recycle center IMG_1722 tsuneo IMG_1850 tsuneos volunteer IMG_1855Tsuneo working IMG_1464-2

Patrick Demazeau (MADE) – France has started to work on his installation titled “A Good Blow of Brush to Clean the Ocean”.  He is making 15 giant brooms of bamboo and other natural materials collected in Keelung area and the broom will be installed in the Eco-Park area of the NMMST.  Patrick has temporarily put in one long bamboo pole and some smaller bamboo branches around it to see how the installation will look at his site, and now he is gathering and splitting bamboo to make the bristles of the brushes/brooms.  We hope it will be dry enough on Friday to make the holes to put in all the big bamboo poles for Patrick’s installation.

法國藝術家Patrick 已經開始創作他的”掃把救星”了,他使用竹子與其他天然素材創作出15個巨型的掃帚,象徵著把海岸的污染清掃乾淨。Patrick的作品位於復育公園的尾端,他暫時以細竹子定點放置,以預測最後的成果畫面。他目前正在處理素材,以便更快速的裝置作業。希望週五是個好天氣,讓鑽洞定點的作業可以順利。

patrick broom trying IMG_1675 patrick showing Jane in rain IMG_1698 patrick working IMG_1683  patrick IMG_1814 patrick IMG_1816

Regine Neumann – Germany/Canada is creating an installation titled “The Tip of the Iceberg” that relates to the issue of global warming and melting solar ice caps.  Her huge iceberg is constructed of bamboo, tied with natural rope and then covered with white recycled fabric.  Her work is also sited in the Eco-Park area at the NMMST, and she is now laying out the piece and starting the foundation of the big iceberg.


regine at recycle center IMG_1708 regine IMG_1822regine at site IMG_1687 regine closer IMG_1689 regine talks to students IMG_1667

Piotr Wesolowski – Poland is making a large sculpture that viewers can enter and feel the difference between the hard structured outside and the softer fluid inner part.  He is using bamboo and tying it with natural rope, and will use some recycled fishing net inside his structure.  His artwork titled “Horizon” is going up in the Museum’s courtyard near the IMAX theater.


piotr starting IMG_1651 piotr volunteers IMG_1646Piotr IMG_1779 piotr IMG_1781 piotr IMG_1788 piotr IMG_1790 piotr IMG_1802 piotr IMG_1872

Yi-chiuan Li – Taiwan is creating a series of “Sea Creature Gods” and they will be sited near the NMMST Railway Station in a green grassy area.  She is using local earth/clay, grass and other local vegetation, natural rope and a bamboo framework.  She is making the bamboo framework now for the shape of the “creature gods.”  She is hoping to get 5 of the creature gods made, and Yi-chiuan said she really needs some more volunteers to help her.


yi-shuian IMG_1863 yi-shuian work space IMG_1862yi-shuian and jane in her work area IMG_1702

Steve McPherson – UK is creating an installation of 46 flags mounted on long bamboo poles that will be installed on the bridge leading to the Regional Exploration Building at the NMMST.  He is busy now cutting recycled fabrics collected in Keelung to make the flags.  The Museum staff collected some recycled clothing before the artists arrived and Steve brought some recycled fabrics froms his home in England.  Today we went to the local recycling center and collected some more fabric for Steve’s artwork.  Yellow recycled fabric has been hard to find, and he is hoping that he has enough now to make all the 46 flags.  Steve has also been collecting lots of fishing floats that wash up on the local beach to use in his artwork.


steve kids write on floats IMG_1662steve at recycle center IMG_1705 steves float balls IMG_1761

All photos on this Blog are by Timothy S. Allen (  Jane Ingram Allen is the curator for the 2016 Keelung International Marine Environmental Art Project.  Thank you to all the artists, volunteers, and students who have come out to help create the artworks during this 25 day residency in Keelung.  Our opening day is Sunday, June 5!

Keep watching this Blog for more photos as the artworks grow and get finished for the ㄋopening ceremony on June 5.



策展人Curator: Jane Ingram Allen

攝影 Photographer: Timothy S. Allen (



Press Conference, Welcome Lunch and Tour of Musuem for 2016 Keelung International Marine Environment Artists

On Saturday, May 14, the 2016 Keelung artists were presented at a press conference and curator Jane Ingram Allen introduced the artworks they will be creating during the next few weeks. All the artworks should be finished by the opening day of June 5. The artists selected for the Keelung 2016 art project are: Ester Fabregas of Spain, Tsuneo Sekiguchi of Japan, Patrick Demazeau of France, Piotr Wesolowski of Poland, Regine Neumann of Germany, Steve McPherson of UK and Yi-shiuan Li of Taiwan.
Here are some photos of the press conference the welcome lunch and the tour of the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology in Keelung. The artists will be starting to work tomorrow on their large outdoor sculpture installations. Keep watching this Blog to see the artworks being created and daily updates on the progress. The photos here are by Timothy S. Allen (




artists and curator at press conference IMG_0794 artists and vips at press conference IMG_0764 VIPs at press conference IMG_0706 Regine at press conference IMG_0687

lunch after press conference IMG_0841

Ester and friend eat squid ice cream IMG_0849

artists at marine science gallery IMG_0999 artists tour the museum IMG_0628 touring the museum IMG_1021

Artists Arrive in Keelung for Start of 2016 Keelung International Marine Environment Art Project

Jane meets PATRICK on the street outside his hotel in Keelung!
Jane meets PATRICK on the street outside his hotel in Keelung!

正式見面之前,Jane 在基隆街頭巧遇 Patrick

The 7 international artists arrived in Keelung on Thursday, May 12 for the start of the 2016 art project in Keelung, Taiwan, at the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology!  The artists settled in to their hotels in downtown Keelung.  The next day the artists all met at the Museum for a tour around the area to select the sites for their artworks and see the bamboo and other materials they will use to create their large outdoor environmental sculpture installations on the theme of “Envisioning the Future of Our Oceans”.  Jane Ingram Allen is the curator for this environmental art project in Keelung and it is the second year of the art project at the NMMST.

Here are some photos of the 2016 artists having dinner together with staff of the NMMST and from the Keelung City Dept. of Cultural Affairs.



Artists have first dinner together!

IMG_0265   IMG_0245 IMG_0242 IMG_0235    IMG_0219

The artists visited a local hardware store to look for materials and also visited the beach to look at what they could collect there such as driftwood and other waste material washed up on the shore.


IMG_0550  IMG_0540 IMG_0538


The second night’s dinner was a home-cooked meal at a new shop near the Museum, and artists got to try many new dishes and an interesting drink made from dried seaweed!


IMG_0590 IMG_0589      IMG_0571

The artists will be working in Keelung around the NMMST every day, and we hope you can come out to volunteer and help the artists with their creations.  The opening of the 2016 art project will be on Sunday, June 5.  Keep watching this Blog for updates and new photos that show the artists creating their site specific outdoor installations in Keelung.  The photos on this Blog are by Timothy S. Allen (





More Hello Messages from 2016 Keelung Artists

The 7 international artists selected for the 016 Keelung International Marine Environmental Art Project will arrive in Keelung, Taiwan, on May 12. They will stay in Keelung through June 6 at the NMMST to create site-specific environmental sculpture installations on the theme “Envisioning the Future of Our Oceans”.

Before the artists arrive in Keelung they have all sent “Hello” messages to the Keelung community. The last Blog post had messages from Jane Ingram Allen, Curator and artists Regine Neumann, Steve McPherson and Tsuneo Sekiguchi.

Here are the hello messages from the other selected artists for 2016:

Li Yi-shiuan from Taiwan
Hello! I’m the selected local artist from Taipei city. Originally, I wasn’t working on artworks, and then I found my great interest in painting, so got into art school. Now I graduated and got to fulfill my dream of creating artworks. I’m also a green person, so I’m so excited about having this opportunity to be an art resident in Keelung. I’m always thinking of how to connect my artworks with our environment. Now it’s time to put the idea into practice. Wish you can learn something from my work.
Best regards,
Yi Shiuan
Here’s a photo from my studio


Here is a “hello” message from Ester Fabregat of Spain:
My name is Ester Fabregat, I was born in Tarragona, in Catalonia, on the north east of the Peninsula Iberica, behind the western coast of Mediterranean sea. My origins deeply come from the heritage of the Mediterranean culture, and all the cultural mixing during millennia. We like the life outside, easygoing, eating, sharing with friends. I am a sculptor, and also an art teacher. I have travelled and lived all around Europe; it is quite small if we compared with other countries. Also the mobility it’s easy, and my friends are a second family for me. I share with them a deep passion, cooking and eating. I love “slow food”; for some time we have organized a “tapas” competition between us. We do meetings into different houses each time, and everyone prepares something tasty and special with a poetic funny name, each one presents and serves his original “tapa” to the others and finally we do a voting process to know who gets the crown of the best “tapa”. You can see that on the blog:
Another thing that is important for me is music, I used to play piano and trumpet, but nowadays I am singing in a gospel choir and I am enjoying it very much. It’s healing the spirit every time we all sing together. Also I do sports, well, not running, but walking and walking inside mountains, and different paths. Nature is a fountain of inspiration all the time. Also, I love to swim on the sea, looking for the underwater life. I have my family in Valls; my sister continues with the toy shop of my family, and sometimes I collaborate with her doing the sculptures for the designing of new toys for children. And then when I see the children playing with a toy that I have designed, it’s really nice. I have lived in different places in Europe. My second home in Europe is Athens and Berlin; in both places I have good friends, like a second family there. And from time to time I go back to visit them, and of course we enjoy eating and talking all the time.
Lets talk about my artistic work. I do it with the intention of adding a different view to the society. Sometimes to make us more conscious for our environment, other times communications of feelings, emotions, but not with words, with a kind of scenography, installations, to permit the spectators to penetrate inside different places to understand reality, a place to feel, and to breathe inside imaginary worlds.
I send to you some different photos:
One of our tapas competitions with my friends (el Masnou, near Barcelona)

.One of our tapas competitions with my friends_el Masnou_near Barcelona
With a fantastic bike who grows into the wild from a Danish friend in Berlin

With a fantastic bike who grows into the wild from a Danish friend in Berlin
With my friends at the summit of Pedraforca Mountain (in Catalonia)

.With my friends at the summit of Pedraforca Mountain_in Catalonia
You can see my work online here:
See you soon in Keelung,

西班牙藝術家 Ester Fabregat:

我叫Ester Fabregat,我出生於位於加泰隆尼亞的塔拉戈納。塔拉戈納位於伊比利半島的東北角,接臨地中海。我深受地中海地區文化以及千禧世代的各種文化觀點所影響。我是一個雕塑家,也是一個藝術教育工作者。我旅居雅典與柏林,因為歐洲大陸比起其他大陸小,遷徙並不困難。在我們那個地區,大家都喜歡愜意的生活步調,與朋友一同外出、一起享用美食。朋友對我而言如同家人一樣,我總是跟他們分享我的喜好,一起做菜一起吃飯。我非常喜歡「慢食」這個飲食概念,有時候我們舉辦「西班牙小吃」的比賽。除了食物以外,音樂對我而言也非常重要,我彈鋼琴、吹喇叭還有加入福音合唱團。我也喜歡健行。






Here is the “hello” from artist Patrick Demazeau of France:

Hello People of Keelung,

My name is Patrick Demazeau and my artist name is MADE. I am one of the artists who has been selected to come perform work on your city of Taiwan. I prepare for this meeting by reading books on the history and culture of Taiwan. This is my first visit and I will discover your country, your culture and people. I traveled a lot in Asia (Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia and Korea). This year, I am particularly lucky for being selected by the beautiful Keelung museum and in August by the Biennale of Gongju in South Korea. My house, my studio is located in the suburbs of Paris. My garden allows me to prepare Art Nature facilities and test them before offering them.
In general, I love working on conceptual works that evoke the problems of our Earth. I also try through these works to bring the human near nature with humor and poetry.
You can look at my blog at to see more about my artwork. I like to play with nature and share with it a lot of sensibility.

This is the entrance to my house and within my latest creation: A fish made with coat hanger hung at the entrance of my living room. Maybe I thought about Keelung oceanographic museum in the making?

IMG_20160428_124809-1      IMG_20160428_125343


法國藝術家 Patrick Demazeau:


我叫Patrick Demazeau,我有一個藝名叫做MADE,是這次被選上來到基隆創作的藝術家。我曾經在亞洲各地旅行,越南、中國、寮國、柬埔寨跟韓國,但是此次台灣之行將會是我第一次來到台灣,為了要更了解台灣,我讀了一些關於台灣文化與歷史的書。今年,我很幸運地被選為「潮藝術」以及韓國「光州雙年展」的創作藝術家。





The other artist selected for the 2016 Keelung art project is Piotr Wesolowski from Poland. Piotr has been at another art project and away from his computer for several weeks, so we do not have a “hello” message from him yet! He is very excited to be coming to Keelung for this art project as it is also his first time to visit Taiwan. I will post Piotr’s hello message later.

Keep watching this Blog to see the artists arriving and starting to work in Keelung. I will try to get a Blog post up every few days to show the progress on the artworks. The opening of the 2016 Keelung art project will be on June 4 with a symposium that day about International Environmental Art, and then on Sunday June 5 we have a public opening and activities with the artists. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in Keelung on May 12!
Best wishes,
Jane Ingram Allen, Curator

Hello Messages from Keelung 2016 Artists

2016 NMMST International Marine Environmental Art Project Artists Say “Hello” to the Keelung Community 2016

The 7 artists selected from 167 applications will be arriving in Keelung, Taiwan, on Thursday, May 12, and stay until June 6 to create their site-specific environmental sculpture installations on the grounds of the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology. Before their arrival the artists have sent some “hello” messages to the Keelung community people.


Here is a hello message from curator Jane Ingram Allen:
I am Jane, the curator for the international environmental art project in Keelung, and this will be my second year in Keelung! I am from the USA, born in the state of Alabama and now live in Santa Rosa, CA, with my husband Tim and our daughter Jennifer and two grand daughters, Sarah age 6 and Emily Age 9. I first came to Taiwan in 2004 with a Fulbright grant and received another Fulbright grant to stay in Taiwan another year and do my research all over Taiwan to make handmade paper artworks using local plant materials. My husband and I lived full time in Taiwan until 2012, and after Tim retired from teaching we moved back to the USA but still come to Taiwan for several months each year to do art projects. I am an environmental artist doing sculpture installations with handmade paper and other natural materials and also an art curator as well as an art writer. You can look at my Blog at to see more about my recent artworks. I started the Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival in 2006 and the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in 2010 and the NMMST international marine environmental art project in 2015. My husband Tim (Timothy S. Allen) will be with me in Keelung, and he takes many photos to document this art project. We both look forward to staying in Keelung for the 25 days of this project and meeting all of you and the 7 international artists I selected for this art project.
Here is a photo of me with our two grand daughters, and we are making some Christmas tree decorations last November!


策展人 Jane Ingram Allen:
我是Jane,是此次「海科館 潮藝術」的策展人,這將會是我第二次拜訪基隆。我現在與家人長居於加州聖羅莎,不過在2004年我拿到傅爾布萊特獎學金至2012年間我與丈夫曾旅居台灣。2006年我為台北關渡公園策劃了「關渡國際自然裝置藝術節」、2010年起開始為雲林縣規劃「成龍溼地國際境藝術計劃」以及2015年第一屆「海科館 潮藝術」計畫迄今。你們可以閱讀我的部落格了解我更多的作品


Here is a “hello” message from 2016 artist Regine Neumann:
Dear people from Keelung,
I am Regine, one of the artists that will be soon coming to Keelung and I am much looking forward, this will be my very first visit to Taiwan. I am from Germany but I live since 22 years with my family in Quebec, Canada. My three kids are grown up and now I have all my time to make art. At least during the summer, during the winter I also have a job as an Art Technician- Studio Coordinator at Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Canada. Although I like to work on my own projects, I also need to be and to work with people. I hope to meet many people during the Keelung art event and I also would like to invite you to come work and talk with me and the other artists.
Right now I am in Tokushima, Japan since the end of March where I am working in sculpture and installation as well as on environmental and community art projects. I find a lot of inspiration for my work in Japanese culture and materials, and I am sure that the three weeks in Taiwan will also have a strong impact on my work and way of thinking. I am very glad to participate in the environmental art project.
Actually, I am still doing some last preparations for my iceberg project in Keelung. In the moment I am quite obsessed with these icebergs: I make them out of all kind of materials and in many different ways. I have sun-printed them on used fabric and presently I work on a series of iceberg lamps made of used Kimono Washi wrappers that I found in a recycling shop. There are also different iceberg laser-cutter projects going on. I love to use low-tech in art making as well as high-tech. It is great to be able to work at both ends. I hope to have some pictures ready when I come, in the meanwhile please visit my website to get an idea of my work:
This may sound a little bit strange but I would like to know if you have recycling shops in Keelung? If so, I would love to go see them….

Many greetings from Japan,
Image of iceberg


德國/加拿大藝術家 Regine Neumann:





Here is a message from 2016 artist Steve McPherson:

Hello people of Keelung City.
My name is Steve. I am an artist who lives and works on the coast of England, about 72 miles east of London and 30 miles west from the shores of France. I live 1 minute away from the beach, with my wife Lindsay, who is a textile designer and illustrator, my 8 year old daughter Matilda, and our cat Pitkin.
I left school and specialised in Fine Art through my college and university days. I now spend half my week making my own art and the other half teaching the subject to 16-20 year old students in a large college in the city of Canterbury.
Living by the coast for nearly all my life has had a major impact on the art I create. For around 20 years I have been collecting plastic debris from my local beaches to use in the creation of my artworks. These works have been exhibited throughout Europe and in the USA. You can see my artworks on my website You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I would love to hear from you!
This will be my first time in Taiwan and I am very much looking forward to visiting your country and meeting you.
Best wishes,
This is a photo of my wife and daughter

mcpherson hello images (1)
My daughter Melinda, age 8, on the beach near my home


A view of the seashore


My studio


英國藝術家 Steve McPherson:


一直以來我都住在海邊,這對我的藝術生涯有相當大的影響。將近二十年間,我持續收集當地海灘上的塑膠垃圾來創作。這些創作曾經在歐美各地展出,你們可以閱讀我的部落格來了解我的作品們: 除此之外你們也可以透過Facebook、Twitter和Instagram來追蹤我的作品,希望能夠聽到更多關於你們的訊息!非常開心能夠參訪台灣,這將會是我第一次來到台灣!期待與你們相見的那一天~





Here is a hello message from 2016 artist Tsuneo Sekiguchi:
Hello Keelung people,
I am Tsuneo, artist for the international environmental art project in Keelung.
My birthplace is Tochigi prefecture in Japan but I stay many places in Japan to create artworks. This is the third time for me to visit to Taiwan. Last year I came to Taiwan for Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in Cheng Long village,Yunlin County. I was very impressed by profuse hospitality of Taiwanese. I am really happy that I can come again to Taiwan. I am an artist who creates a place for the people to meet each other. This idea is inspired by the image that primitive men were dancing around the fire.
I make a hut with natural material and the inside of the hut is lit with rainbow color instead of fire. This rainbow is created with mirrors in the water by reflecting the sunlight.
Here is a photo of the Lake Masyu in Hokkaido. I have been working near here for three months this year to create my artwork. One very cold day I visited this Lake. It was incredibly beautiful. This lake is famous with its transparent water


日本藝術家 関口恒男




In the next Blog Post you can see the Hello messages from the other four artists selected for the 2016 art project in Keelung. Looking forward to meeting everyone in Keelung soon!


2016 Keelung International Marine Environmental Artists Selected

Jane Ingram Allen, Curator of the Keelung International Marine Environmental Art Project, is happy to announce the selected artists for the second year of this eco-art project at the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology in Keelung, Taiwan.  

The artists selected for 2016 are:

Ester Fabregat – Spain

ester portrait 1

Patrick Demazeau – France


Piotr Wesolowski – Poland

Piotr Portrait

Regine Neumann – Germany/Canada


Steve McPherson – UK

McPherson 72dpi

Tsuneo Sekiguchi – Japan


Yi-shiuan Li – Taiwan

portrait photo

These 7 artists, 6 foreigners and 1 Taiwanese, were selected from 165 applications by artists from 49 different countries.  The applications were reviewed by Allen and finalists selected for this 25-day residency in Taiwan to create site-specific environmental artworks that fit the theme for 2016 “Envisioning the Future of Our Oceans”.  Since this is an environmental art project the selected works will be created with recycled and natural materials found in Keelung and exhibited for 6 months or more at selected outdoor sites around the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, in Keelung City at the fishing village of Badouzi on the northeast coast of Taiwan.  


Ester Fabregat from Spain will create an installation titled “Keelung Air Swimmers” made from recycled plastic bags suspended on tall bamboo poles that will “swim” in the ocean breezes of Keelung.  Her installation will help to raise awareness about the air/winds of Keelung and also about the pollution caused by so many plastic bags.

3_Ester Fabregat Sketch of the proposed artwork©Ester

Patrick Demazeau from France will create an installation of giant brooms from all natural materials collected in Keelung that will be sited on the beach near the Museum to raise awareness about the need to clean up the ocean waters and the seashores around the world, sweeping away the trash and pollution that threatens our oceans.

sketch of brooms to clean the ocean

Piotr Wesolowski from Poland will create a large sculpture titled “Horizon” that is made from bamboo and other natural materials including recycled fabric.  He invites viewers to come inside the sculpture construction to feel the space and the contrast between the hard structure outside and the softer changing inside of his installation.


Regine Neumann, from Germany and now living in Canada, will create a large sculpture of natural materials and recycled white fabric that is titled “Just the Tip of the Iceberg” to raise awareness about the melting polar icecaps and global warming’s effect on the word’s oceans.  This artwork introduces a fanciful  “iceberg” on the land of the tropical  coast of Keelung.


Steve McPherson from the UK will create a sculpture installation of 46 Markers that are like buoys or flags used for warning ships or indicating important fishing sites.  His artwork “Markers” will be installed around the large outdoor plaza at the Museum, and the flags with images and words will be created with community input to raise awareness about the amount of plastic waste in the world’s oceans (estimated today at 46,000 pounds of plastic litter per square mile).

SMcPherson NMMST Art - Proposal image

Tsuneo Sekiguchi  from Japan will create a large sculpture titled “Keelung Rainbow Hut” that will be a spherical bamboo structure with a bench inside for viewers to sit and contemplate while rainbows flash onto the walls, created by sunlight reflected off recycled mirrors placed in a pool of water he makes just outside the “rainbow hut”.  Rainbows can be made with sea water or fresh water, and the purity of the water will make the rainbows brighter to remind us of the need to preserve our water resources.


Yi-shiuan Li from Taiwan will create a multi-part installation called “Sea Creature Gods” that will be sited on pedestals coming down a stairway from the mountain top near the Museum to the oceanside.  The “gods” are made from  a natural stucco  of sand, ground sea shells, sticky rice and straw and have a bamboo framework.  The various sized sculptures in the installation will remind visitors to take care of the many creatures in the sea.

sketch of the proposed artwork_ Li Yi Shiuan


We would like to thank all of the artists who submitted proposals for the Keelung International Marine Environmental Art Project in 2016, and we invite everyone to keep looking at this Blog to see more about the selected artists and what they will create for the 2016 art project at the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology in Keelung, Taiwan, from May 12 to June 6, 2016.  Comments and Questions are also welcome.